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Success Story: Bad Granny Media + Productions

[VIDEO] Learn how Bad Granny Media & Productions streamlined social media management to scale their business with a small team!
badgranny.com Courtesy: Bad Granny Media & Productions

Stephanie Pemberton, CEO of Bad Granny Media & Productions, runs one of the larger local marketing agency in Trinidad & Tobago working with global brands.

Bad Granny Media & Productions

Stephanie Pemberton, CEO Bad Granny Media. Courtesy: Bad Granny Media & Productions

Bad Granny Productions is a public relations and content production company based in Trinidad & Tobago, helping clients produce smarter, and more relevant content. Bad Granny Productions offer top of the line relevant market research to their customers, and creative content that appeals to the client’s desired target market. Having found initial success in the Film and TV Production industry, the team at Bad Granny Productions decided to take their business to the next level and developed a social media marketing branch, to offer new value to their existing customers!

On the set of Planting Seeds, a show produced by Bad Granny Media. Courtesy: Bad Granny Media

The Problem

Within year one of developing their marketing business, Bad Granny Media & Productions had brought on twenty new social media clients, quickly realizing just how much bandwidth they’d need to make sure their clients were happy. With only a small team on hand, the team decided to turn to technology to help manage their scaling business. Enter, Cloud Campaign!

The Solution

The user-friendly execution of Cloud Campaign’s platform caught their attention at Social Media Marketing World, and after demoing the platform, Bad Granny signed up and have been loving the platform ever since! With a small team, Cloud Campaign gives Bad Granny the opportunity to seamlessly manage multiple brands across all platforms – saving them significant time and stress.  Setting up their clients’ brands on the platform was quick and easy, with the direct help from the Cloud Campaign team.

One thing they love most? The fact that Cloud Campaign is constantly working hard to add new features. This means that Bad Granny feels at the cutting edge of technology all the time – a MUST in this industry!

bMobile helps "Planting Seeds" - Tech News TT
Bad Granny Media team on the set of Planting Seeds. Courtesy: Bad Granny Media

Check out the testimonial video above. We are always so excited to hear what our customers love most!

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