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Hootsuite Announces Second Annual Price Increase in 2022

Hootsuite has announced its second annual price increase in the past year, raising the price of its base Professional plan by $100 to $149/month and Team plan by $70 to $249/month, before taxes. These price increases do not include additional features, offers, or users.

As the cost of doing business climbs, so does the impact on the businesses using these tools. If you’ve been priced out of HootSuite, check out Cloud Campaign as a cost-effective Hootsuite alternative.

Get more done on social media with Cloud Campaign for less than half the cost. Check out the features/cost comparison chart below.

Changes to Hootsuite Pricing in 2022

The most notable change is that Hootsuite’s new pricing tiers are now based on the number of social accounts and users connected to the account. 

Most notably, customers cannot add or pay for additional users or accounts until Hootsuite’s Business Tier, which starts at $739 per month and grants 35 social accounts with 5 users.

This means that if you have more than three users or twenty social accounts, you will be required to upgrade to a higher tier costing three times what it would with our Studio plan.

Cloud Campaign Versus HootSuite Feature Comparison

Cloud Campaign includes industry-leading features for every plan, including assignable roles and permissions, integrated approval workflows, content libraries with unlimited storage, automatic report generation, and accessible US-based customer support.

Additionally, at no extra cost on Studio and Agency plans, you can white-label Cloud Campaign with your brand, logo, colors, and domain to create seamless and professional integration into your services.

Impact of HootSuite Pricing Change

The change in pricing structure has already impacted users with multiple social profiles – particularly early adopters who have left the platform in the wake of these changes. It is simply financially prohibitive for some users to upgrade to a higher tier based on their business, leading to a decrease in the number of active users on the platform.

However, the increased costs of Hootsuite might lead to better service for those who can afford it, as Hootsuite could invest more in its platform to make it more reliable and feature-rich. However, no major platform investments or updates have been made at this time. 

It’s important to note that Hootsuite’s new pricing structure is still competitive compared to other enterprise CRM platforms on the market. It’s also worth noting that Cloud Campaign continues to develop in-demand tools and features, along with award-winning customer service, to help agencies scale their workflows.

Overall, Hootsuite’s pricing increase could benefit the core enterprise users it appears to be targeting while becoming a major burden on others. It’s important to assess your needs and consider the options available before deciding which social media management platform to use.

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