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How To Promote Gated Content on Social Media

What is Gated Content?

Gated content is typically content that requires entering some personal information to view.  Marketers most commonly use gated content to build an email list to then re-market to. 

Examples of commonly gated content include white papers, e-books, calculators, spreadsheets, and generally speaking, content that provides value.

Why Gated Content?

Gated content is great for 2 reasons.

1. It Builds Trust

Gated content is typically valuable and useful.  Providing consumers with valuable content builds trust and brand loyalty.

2. It Gives You a Direct Line of Contact

If you capture their email when they view the content, you now have a direct line of contact to them and can begin marketing to them via email.

On top of that, you have already built up trust with this prospect so you are that much more likely to land them as a customer.

So How Do You Promote Gated Content?

The tough thing about gated content is it is usually password protected or requires entering an email for viewing.  Which means it usually doesn’t render link previews well when sharing on social media.

Cloud Campaign can help.

Cloud Campaign released a new link shortener, Shha.re, that allows marketers to edit the image, title, and description of gated content.

Not only does this mean you can ensure the link preview renders properly, but you can also make multiple variations of the same link to drive more traffic to your site, and subsequently, capture more leads.

Variations of the same link.


Ready to give it a try? 

Start your free trial of Cloud Campaign today!

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