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Increase Your Sales With Only 4 Minutes a Week

Social media is an effective channel for driving inbound leads to your website or storefront.  Over 2 Billion people actively surf Facebook each month, which makes it the perfect platform for marketing.

However, staying up to date on social media is time-consuming.  Finding or creating content to share is costly (both monetary and time), and logging on to each platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) multiple times a day distracts you from other parts of your business.

With Cloud Campaign, all it takes is 4 minutes a week to begin generating warm leads on social media leading to more sales and increased revenue for your company.


1 Minute (Once)

Create a weekly schedule to automatically post content to all of your accounts throughout the week.  You define the schedule, we’ll handle posting for you.


2 Minutes (Weekly)

Using Cloud Campaign’s content recommendations, you can quickly find trending, relevant articles.  We’ll even read the articles and extract key quotes and sentences to be used as captions.  Simply add them to your weekly schedule to be posted throughout the week.



1 Minute (Once)

Use Cloud Campaign’s auto-importer to automatically grab new articles as you write them to your blog.  We’ll write captions for your article and schedule it to be published to social media a few times over the next month and a half.

Not only does this help you build your follower base and develop your brand, but it drives traffic to your blog that can then be retargeted to turn visitors into customers.



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