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January – Month in Review

Establishing new routines.

About “Month in Review”

I’ve learnt tremendous amounts from other companies through the transparency movement.  My hope is that I can pay it back by being transparent about Cloud Campaign’s journey in hopes that it will help other budding startups one day.

Developing a New Routine

Being a solo-founder, it’s important to manage your time across all parts of the business.  By setting very defined goals for each week, I can better quantitatively measure how I’m spending my time.
I’ve set up a Google Sheet to 1. track my goals and 2. hold myself accountable.

Product Progression

Part of the new routine includes adding 1 new feature each week, leading to very rapid product progression.

Export Functionality

Cloud Campaign — Analytics Reports

The ability to export both analytics and upcoming social media posts as CSV files for either manipulation in other software or sharing with clients.

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Cloud Campaign — Article Auto-Importer

Remembering to share new blog posts on social media can be a huge pain. It’s repetitive and relatively thoughtless work.

The new auto-importer will automatically grab new articles from any RSS feed and fill your content library, so you can either share the article to social media with a single click or schedule it to be published at a future date.

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Post Failure Alerts

Cloud Campaign — Native Alerts

On rare occasions, posting to social media might fail (credentials changed, the API recipient is down, servers are overloaded). With the new alerts and retry logic, you’ll receive an alert anytime a post fails. Simply click the alert to retry posting the content to social media.

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One Time Scheduling

Cloud Campaign — Ad Hoc Scheduling

Coordinate social media posts with press releases or holidays with our new one-time schedule. Simply choose the day and time you want the content to be posted.

Unlike competitors, using Cloud Campaign, you can schedule out as far as you want. Want to publish something in 20 years? Fire away!

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Auto-Generated Captions (2/2)

Cloud Campaign — Auto-generate Captions Using NLP

We’re one step closer to a fully automated social media campaign. When using the auto-importer or recommendation engine, Cloud Campaign will read imported articles to get an overall understanding for the topic and then choose relevant sentences that summarize the article while capturing the over-encompassing topic. Those sentences are added as captions to the content so you can simply share without having to even write a copy.

The summarization is powered by Aylien’s natural language processing technology.

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Raw Stats

  • Time since Beta launch: 7 month (June 26th)
  • Total Page Views: 13,573 (+43%)
  • Unique Visitors: 5,786 (+28%)
  • Subscribers: 411 (+6%)
  • Monthly Page Views: 4,095 (+440%)
  • Monthly Visitors: 1,276 (+164%)
  • Conversion Rate for the month: 1.8% (-6.3%)

Customer Metrics

  • Users: 394 (+9.4%)
  • Customers: 16
  • Triggers/schedules Created:  440 (0.7%)

Ad Spend

  • Facebook: $64.42
  • Google AdWords: $136.48
  • CTR: 3.55%

Revenue Metrics

  • Revenue: +25.4%
  • Revenue Delta: +36.6%

Traffic is trending up due to increased content marketing and ad spend.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 11.57.41 AM

Social Following

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Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 12.00.34 PM
Using Cloud Campaign to grow our Facebook followers


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