Marketing Courses You Don’t Want to Miss:

Did you know, Marketing is one of the fastest evolving industries, with new technologies and new regulations emerging almost daily? With that, it can be impossible to keep up with all that’s happening.

While 1997 may seem like ancient history, that was the very year that WiFi was invented. It’s almost unbelievable to consider how heavily we rely on it today; not to mention 5G and all the Smart Phone and Smart Home technologies that have cropped up since…

As Marketers, we have to be on our toes all the time and be ready to roll with the new technological developments that are inevitable. Though, just knowing what is out there can be tough to stay on top of; let alone being an expert in all of tech’s latest and greatest!

We wanted to do a little legwork for you, and let you know of some of the best Online Courses that you can take in our industry, so that you can stay on top of new marketing practices, as well as new tools. Here we go!

Google Analytics IQ Certification:

We will wage a bet and say that Google isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and understanding the Google platform can really be a make-it or break-it for your business, or your clients’. Accurately measuring your campaign metrics can help you fine tune your marketing efforts and ultimately generate the most bang for your buck! The course is free through Google and can be done in less than a day, so there’s really nothing to lose!

Course Duration: 4-6 hours. Cost: FREE

Google Ads Certification:

If you are planning to perform any kind of Pay-Per-Click for your clients or your own agency, the Google Ads Certification is a must! This course will teach you how to set-up, monitor, and measure campaigns, and will teach you a ton about best practices for displaying ads on Desktop and Mobile devices.

Course Duration: 4-6 hours. Cost: FREE

HubSpot Academy:

While this is not technically one specific course, HubSpot Academy offers  a plethora of fantastic lessons that can help you understand many aspects of the Marketing industry, from Inbound Marketing to Email marketing, and Social Media!

Course Duration: Varies. Cost: FREE

Machine Learning: Stanford Online

Stanford University is renowned for offering fantastic courses online, and this Machine Learning course is a must-do! It’s a heavier time commitment than many others, at 4 weeks, though is offered for FREE at time of writing. This course will deep dive into SEO, Big Data, and Social Media, and will teach you a thing or two about algorithms that only the best of the best know.  

Course Duration: 4 Weeks, (part time). Cost: FREE

Facebook Blueprint:

Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook) are hands down the most popular social media platforms of today. With that, understanding Facebook and how to advertise effectively on the platform can give you a considerable leg up in this industry. Facebook’s Blueprint academy can teach you everything from the basics of seeing up a page, all the way through to inventory and commerce management. Courses are broken up into bight-size chunks, and are free for all users!

Course Duration: Varies. Cost: FREE

Of course, by the time you read this post from when it is published, there will undoubtedly be many more fantastic resources out there. Are there any that you know of that we have missed off this list? Our team is always keen to learn more! Reach out to us on FacebookInstagramTwitter or LinkedIn and let our team know!


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