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BLDRfly: Portland, Ore. startup Cloud Campaign brings content team to Boulder

Boulder’s community-minded tech hub makes fertile ground for startups

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Boulder’s community-minded tech hub makes fertile ground for startups

By Tatyana Sharpton May 5 2020

With the high level of tech talent spreading from both CU and the increasing number of large tech companies expanding their operations to Boulder, startups look at Boulder, too, to establish outposts.

Cloud Campaign, an all-in-one social media marketing platform born in Portland, Oregon, plans its expansion move to Boulder this summer. Designed to help agencies better track and organize their clients’ content and data, the startup’s platform helps marketing agencies and freelancers manage multiple social media accounts for other businesses.

Cloud Campaign co-founder Ryan Born.

Currently, Cloud Campaign has five employees at its headquarters in Portland and three in Boulder, which eventually will lead the company’s product and marketing division.

Cloud co-founder Ryan Born plans to move from Portland to Boulder in a few weeks, growing the employee count in Boulder by one more along with two engineers and one marketer, giving them nine total between the two cities.

He was looking for a way to establish a presence in and move to Boulder and this year he made it happen.

Originally, Ryan and his founding partner Ross Gray, who will stay in Portland and to lead the sales and customer success departments, planned to scale the company to 15 employees total. However, they will most likely stick to nine as they evaluate the longer-lasting impact of Covid-19.

Mostly, agencies who use Cloud Campaign manage accounts for regional, mom-and-pop shops. However, some bigger accounts like the Comcast Sports Tech accelerator and Eventbrite are also managed through Cloud Campaign, as well as Boulder’s Boomtown who uses Cloud’s platform through the agency it works with. One Colorado-based agency using Cloud Campaign’s platform includes ESTUS Digital, a marketing agency based out of Greeley.

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