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Press – Built In Colorado: Following Significant Growth, Cloud Campaign Raises $5M to Scale, Hire

During a year when people lost their jobs or struggled to find a full-time position, several turned to the gig economy. Last year, 2 million workers began freelancing, growing the industry to 59 million Americans — up eight percent year over year. 

The industry growth translated to Cloud Campaign, an operating system for freelancers and marketing agencies, too. The startup, which is co-headquartered in Boulder and Portland, Oregon, grew its revenue by nearly 200 percent and added 420 new customers to its platform.

“We really rode the tailwind of what was happening in the broader market,” Ryan Born, CEO and co-founder of Cloud Campaign, told Build In. 

Following the notable year, Cloud Campaign announced on Friday it raised a $5 million Series A round. This round was led by Oregon Venture Fund and Access Venture Partners. 

Read more of the story of how we plan to grow with our latest $5M Series A at Built In Colorado…

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