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Should you be posting to Social Media during COVID-19?

We’re living in interesting times, to say the least.

As many businesses are shutting their physical doors due to a pandemic, known as COVID-19 or Coronavirus, sweeping the world, we start to question the norm.

So this raises the question, should businesses be posting to Social Media during a pandemic?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!

The worst thing you can do is go silent. Whether the business is a restaurant, gym, hotel, or digital agency, consumers want to know if they’ll be able to count on you during and after the pandemic.  Staying vocal on social media and other channels builds trust in your brand and instills a sense of community.


A Shift in Culture


With a majority of the world in lockdown, working from home, there are more consumers than ever on social media.

No longer able to interact with their favorite brands and businesses in person, they are turning to social media to stay connected.


So What Should I be Posting?

Slow down on your typical marketing content.

Consumers don’t want sales-y marketing during a time like this. It feels disingenuine and can come off as insensitive.

At Cloud Campaign, we turned off all of our traditional marketing schedules.


Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 2.01.46 PM.png
Schedule Queues disabled in Cloud Campaign


Instead, focus on content to help your customers through this tough time and reassure them in a time of uncertainty.

Here are four examples of companies doing a great job to not only survive, but thrive during COVID-19.

Case Study: Southwest Airlines


Since the outbreak, Southwest Airlines has been focusing on two things in their social media posts:

1) Promoting their “no change fees” policy as they know travel plans are up in the air.

2) Showing enhanced cleaning procedures since they know travelers are concerned and more susceptible to catching the virus.


Case Study: Chipotle


Chipotle, and many other restaurants, have shifted their business to take-out only.  To encourage customers to order take-out, they are waiving the delivery cost.

Another great idea that we’ve seen is restaurants having a daily special that they post on social media.  Using a scheduling platform like Cloud Campaign can make posting the daily deal to every social media platform a breeze.  You can even schedule the specials weeks in advance!

Case Study: Orangetheory


With gyms being shutdown across the nation, Orangetheory had to think quickly to keep their members engaged and discourage members from canceling their membership.

They decided to create a free Orangetheory At Home program.  Every day on social media, they post a new “at home” workout.


Case Study: Slack


Slack recognized that many workers are working from home for the first time.  To capitalize on this new trend, they began posting social media content educating the new workforce using FAQs and resources about remote work.

In a similar vein, Slack is offering free accounts to nonprofits and universities as many of them are also moving to virtual meetings and lectures.


How will you leverage social media for your clients?

Have ideas for particular industries?  Share them in the comments below!



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