Social Media Scheduling for Agencies:

We all have those days where we feel pulled to the left, then to the right, then to the left again into meeting after meeting until our minds explode – and on days like that, getting a quality social media post out for yourself, or for your clients may just be too much to handle. But what if I told you that never had to happen again, or that you could fall asleep knowing that your social media posts would be taken care of, and better yet – posted at the perfect time for maximum engagement?

That’s where social media scheduling comes in; and if you’re not using it now, buckle up and take some notes because there’s no better way to scale your agency and save time than to automate your social media posts.

Besides the added efficiency that social media scheduling can bring to your team, what are some other reasons you may want to try it?

Scheduling Provides Consistency:

The ever-evolving social media algorithms can feel like a black box, and beating these algorithms is every marketer’s dream. While much of what makes a post or account successful or not feels like mystery, we can confidently say that consistently posting plays a huge role in the traction and engagement that a brand will see. Scheduling not only saves you time each day (as you can dump content in mass every so often), but ensures that you will be posting at a regular cadence. Many brands find that posting every few days is enough, though it may take some experimenting to see what works for you. The good news; once you’ve decided, you can rest easy knowing that fresh content will be sent to your feeds without you lifting a finger.

Scheduling Ensures Global Scalability:

Everyone has felt that sudden adrenaline rush at some stage; you know, the one when you realize it’s peak time to post but you’ve just not got anything ready! Well, imagine keeping track of “peak time” for multiple brands in multiple time zones. Doing so can be very challenging, not to mention you may find that peak posting time for your brand falls during peak bedtime for you! This is where social media scheduling can come in very handy; not only can you tell the platform when to post, but many tools offer a level of social listening and analytics that can calculate peak time for you! Using social media scheduling can ensure that your posts go out at a time when they will garner the highest engagement; regardless of how many time zones you are working in!

Scheduling Means You’ll Never Miss a Holiday:

Let’s be real, if we wanted to, there would be some kind of holiday to celebrate every single day of the year. And while most holidays may not mean anything to us, it can be fun to track specific holidays for specific brands and niches. Did you know, January 15th is National Strawberry Ice Cream day? Probably not… but you best believe that the social media team over at Baskin Robbins does! When you’re managing social media accounts for a handful of brands across multiple industries, social media scheduling can ensure that you never miss an industry-specific holiday like this one. All you have to do is set up the post once, and schedule it to repeat once a year on a particular date!

There are many fantastic tools out there for digital agencies to leverage to schedule and track their social media. Some tools offer free plans for the most basic features, and almost all offer free trials for that try before you buy experience. Over here at Cloud Campaign we offer both: a free trial so that you can test out our platform before committing, and tiered pricing to suit the size of your business.  Give our team a call today, or check out our website to give social media scheduling a go for yourself!

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