The “About Us” Page: Telling Your Story

The “About Us” page is the perfect place tell your story, connect with your customers, and differentiate from your competition, but so often we see it overlooked as a “necessary evil” where businesses write a short, generic paragraph in an attempt to move on to other areas of the website that they consider to be more important.

While it’s true that not every customer will visit your “About Us” page, consider the impact that you can have on those who do. By clicking that specific tab, these individuals are looking to learn more about you, so come on – give the people what they want!  This is your chance to really sell yourself and motivate your customers to take action.

In the world of marketing, and in particular, the Agency realm, it’s so important that you nail your “About Us” page. Unlike businesses that sell physical products, (for example, Nike), the services that you are offering your clients are often intangible. This means that when deciding between your services or the services of your competitor, your unique story and what your team has to offer, (along with some glowing testimonials if you’re lucky), will be all that the consumer has to choose from when making their decision. Wowing the customer with an About Us page could just be the trigger that makes them pick up the phone and ask for your help!

In this post, we’ll explore a few elements of the About Us page that should absolutely be included in yours, as well as a few examples of About Us pages that have stood out to us!

Your Picture:

Including a picture of you and your team can be a quick and easy way to connect with your audience. Putting a face to a name will go a long way in helping that customer decide whether or not they can picture themselves working with you, so go ahead and throw up a smiling team photo, or happy headshot! With so much automation on the internet today, a photo will also help your customer know that you are in fact a real person, and not a bot.

  • Blake Suarez does a perfect job of this. Tell me you don’t want to work with him after seeing his smiling photo and killer mustache??

Your Story:

Your story shouldn’t just include your professional accolades. While some impressive work experience will certainly help earn your customers’ trust, a glowing resume doesn’t exactly help you connect. Try sharing where you and your team are located, or what you all like to do for fun. This will help anyone looking at your page relate to you, which may just have you earning their business faster than any work you’ve done with a Fortune 500.

  • An entertaining example: ToyFight does a great job of tying in their personal lives with their more professional experience!

Your Offering:

Be sure to tie your offering into your About Us page, because ultimately, you want the customer to know what you can do for them. Better yet – throw in a call to action. Try getting your customers to give you a call, or request a proposal through your site with a direct link on this page!

  • While MailChimp primarily uses this page to discuss their culture and founding team, there is a clear call to action at the bottom: “Learn More About Mailchimp”. Try adding this to your page to improve your website conversions!

Your Contact Information:

While many opt for a separate “Contact Us” page, there’s nothing stopping you from including your contact information on the About Us page, too. Once you’ve blown them away with your story and your service offering, the contact information will be a key component of your call to action! Try adding a phone and email number, with business hours if applicable. You could even try a Chat system if you’ve got the means to support it round the clock!

Does your current “About Us” page include all of these elements? And are there other elements that you think are great to have that we’ve left off this list? Give us a shout out on FacebookInstagramTwitter or LinkedIn and let us know!

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