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Weekly Agency Spotlight — Social Eyes

This week we are excited to feature Social Eyes in our weekly agency spotlight.
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The Background

Founded by current President and CEO Blane Russell, Social Eyes is a full-service marketing agency. Their team brings a unique aptitude to the breadth of services they offer.  Some of these include SEO, Web design, conversion rate optimization, social media management, among others. Originally based out of small-town Boise Idaho, Social Eyes has quickly grown into a global brand, handling marketing for clients all across the globe.
We had the chance to sit down with CEO Blane Russell who was kind enough to give some useful insights on what it really takes to successfully run social media for a small to medium-sized business.

The Advice

Question: What is the most common goal clients approach Social Eyes with?
Blane informed us that the most common goal they are approached with is expanding brand awareness. In his own words “Our clients want greater exposure. They want to let people know who and where they are”. We love when to hear this answer. Social media is often discounted as it can be hard to attribute direct sales. Yet as discussed on the Social Eyes website, 47% of Americans have said their purchasing habits are influenced by a companies social presence. Social media is exceptionally adept at expanding brand awareness. We found this following blurb written by the Social Eyes team to be a great summary of why a dynamic online social presence is so important:

“Social media can help you drive repeat business: When you pay for an advertisement on the radio or television, you pay a good sum of money to broadcast ONE message and hope that it reaches your target audience. However, social networks like Facebook and Twitter allow you to build your target audience and market to them on a regular basis. Once you connect with audiences online, it leaves the door of communication open and you can share content, specials, information, services, etc. with them at any time.”

Question: What can a small to medium-sized business expect to spend on ads per month to run an effective campaign?
Here, Blane explained that at an absolute bare minimum not including any management fees, companies should expect to spend at least $300-$400. We would definitely agree that this number is a bare minimum. It’s important to remember that social media is pay to play and that typically less than 5% of your audience will actually see any given organic post.

Question: How many hours per week can a company expect to spend managing social media, and what are the most time-consuming aspects?
To this question, Blane estimated that it takes a minimum of 3-4 hours per week to properly manage social media. He also described A/B testing ads to be the most time-consuming aspect of it. As social has gained in popularity and as such marketing competition, advertising on the various platforms has become exponentially more expensive. Doing your upfront work, A/B testing ads to make sure they are primed for optimization is crucial.

The Conclusion

We would like to thank Blane for taking the time to speak with us. He was incredibly knowledgeable and brought an impressive understanding of marketing to our article.
You can learn more about Social Eyes here:

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