3 Link Shorteners to Amplify Your Marketing

Sharing curated content on social media from influencers or other brands in your space can be an extremely effective way to forge new relationships and build your brand as an authority in a space.  Get all the details here.
But once you’ve sent that traffic to some other site, it’s gone and out of your reach.  What if you could capitalize on the traffic you send to other people’s sites and turn them into customers?
These 3 link shorteners do exactly that.

1. Sniply

Sniply allows you to embed a call to action on any link that you share, giving you the power to drive visitors back to your website after reading an interesting article.
Sniply has both free and paid versions depending on how much traffic ends up clicking on your CTA.  It also provides analytics including Click Through Rate (CTR) among others.
See it in action here.

2. PixelMe

PixelMe allows marketers to connect their Facebook retargeting pixel to any link that they share.  This gives you the option to not only track who is clicking on your links, but more importantly, retarget those individuals with a Facebook ad.
PixelMe only has paid plans, currently ranging from $24/mo – $124/mo if paid annually.
To the end user, PixelMe is not apparent.

3. Rebrandly

Change any link to use your domain.  Give the link credibility and link back to your domain for branding purposes.
Rebrandly offers a free plan, as well as, multiple paid tiers depending on your needs.
See it in action here.


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