Battle of the Decade: PAID vs ORGANIC SEARCH

Did you know, “SEO vs PPC” has been googled more times that “Pacquiao vs Mayweather”?!

Ok maybe that’s fake news… BUT – it is a search query that we see very often, with agencies looking to effectively use “Paid Search”, “Organic Search”, or a combination of the two. Understanding how you can optimize these search methods will draw attention to your agency and have clients banging at your door. In our next couple of posts, we’ll look at the best practices for SEO, and the best for PPC – but for now, let’s break them down to the basics and talk about why they are important and how they are different!


SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, and as the name describes, helps you rank higher in google and other search engines. SEO, when used effectively, helps attract quality customers to your site (who find you based on a specific search query, such as “best marketing agency in Seattle for sports brands”), and should also increase the quantity of customers who find you.


Google and other search engines will send powerful robotic “crawlers” out to every site to build an understanding of what a site is about, and what it has to offer. The search engine will then pair this information with a certain trust score that takes into consideration the trustworthiness of the information on the site, and will ultimately use this to give it a ranking. Based on what these crawlers are looking for, you’ll be able to optimize your website to 1) target your specific audience with great keywords and content and 2) improve your overall trust score. In next week’s post, we’ll dive a little deeper into some specific strategies.

SEO is primarily an “Organic” search strategy, but when used in conjunction with “Paid” PPC methods, you can really give your agency’s online presence a great jump start!


PPC stands for “Pay-Per-Click”, and is an online advertising model whereby advertisers pay each time a consumer clicks on one of their online ads. When you type a search query into google and see the first listings that have “Ad” written in bold next to them, these are site that are using PPC. So, with that in mind, you don’t necessarily need to boost a specific product with PPC, but could boost your agency’s website in order to increase your web traffic and garner more customers!


The power behind all PPC is the search engine’s auction system, which will “bid” off certain keywords and phrases for bidder’s just like you to purchase. Once a consumer makes their search, the search engine will run complex algorithms to determine which bidder’s link will show up in which order. Essentially, the more you are willing to pay “per-click”, the higher you will show up in the search engine’s results. Based on this, it is imperative to choose your keywords wisely when bidding, since you’ll want to maximize the conversion for all your clickers!

PPC can be an excellent driver for web traffic, especially in the early days of launching your agency. That said, this method can cost significant money and often requires data analysis to ensure that your dollars are spent effectively.

Next week, we’ll be diving into some methods used by the experts. If you’re interested in learning more about PPC and SEO strategies that could help you grow your agency, be sure to stay tuned on our FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn !

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