Cold Email Outreach is DEAD

Look in your email inbox.  How many emails did you receive this week?  How many emails did you receive today?
Simply looking at the sheer volume of emails sent every day, you can’t get mad about a prospect not responding to your unsolicited cold email.
The reality is they have no obligation to respond and there’s no accountability.  This is important.  There’s no accountability because no one is monitoring whether or not they responded to this email, and even if someone or something was monitoring it, there’s no repercussion for ignoring emails.
You might be thinking, “well, duh”, it’s their email inbox, they can do whatever they want.  But there are channels that are monitored for response rate and even response time.
If the person doesn’t respond or is slow to respond they get penalized and it makes their account look bad.  These are the channels that you should focus on for cold outreach.
Some examples are Facebook Business Messenger, LinkedIn, and Fiverr just to name a few.
untitled (4)
Notice the response rate and time are both public on Facebook for Business pages.  It looks bad if you’re unresponsive, so business owners will typically respond right away over messenger even if you’re sending a cold-outreach message.
I actively use these channels to open conversations and then set up calls for anyone that is interested.  Compared to emails, I’ve had a much higher success rate using these 3 channels.

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